Feb. 16 may go down in history books as one of the best days ever to own a snowmobile and get outside. The adventure began as a press release stating that in 1921, Sayner resident Carl Eliason, was building a motorized vehicle that could travel over snow. Not only did he succeed, Tribute Brewing Company recently released a commemorative beer honoring the event. But let’s focus on weather. 

Tribute brewing

The Motor Toboggan banner circa 1927. The Tribute Brewing Co. in Eagle River recently introduced a beer commemorating the machine. (Contributed photo by Rick Oftel.)

There are nice winter days and then there was last Saturday. Old man winter was starting to loosen his grip after burying Ironwood under about five feet.  Those hard-working Finlanders kept shoveling so if they cleaned off their roof, their yard mountains often reached the second story. Outside town, the snow was deep, dry powder. I have never seen so many snowmobiles in my life and understand why the area is proclaimed snowmobile capital of the world. I was also amazed at the courtesy and safety these skilled riders used as their white crossings marked many highways.


Rick Oftel

Tribute beer

Tribute Brewing Co. co-owner Bill Summers at the taps. (Contributed photo by Rick Oftel.)

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