The simple explanation is that “transgender” means: “Believing your sexuality does not match your gender.” In other words, your physical sex characteristics don’t match with who you think you are in your head and feel you are in your heart. Now, it can be much more complicated than that, but we have a limitation in the length of this article. Many or most people never have to think about these things. Who would ever even imagine being someone else? But if you are transgender, these thoughts can be life-changing or even life-fearing. How does it feel to be born appearing to be a girl and later realize that you are actually a guy? Or you are a guy realizing you are actually a girl as you grow up? Talk about complicated, scary and full of fear. And who can you talk to who would understand this?

I am transgender, male-to-female. I spent a large portion of my life wondering why I was having these very same thoughts, starting at about age 7. After spending time with a therapist I made a life-changing decision to live my life as a woman — who I actually was in my mind and in my heart. I had corrective surgery and now live the life of a typical female with the joys of night sweats and mammograms!

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