The pole holder starts bouncing erratically. I quickly look at the pole to find the source. As I reach for the pole, I’m glancing to the stern of the boat only to see a fish fighting at the surface, just behind the motors. Grab the net!

This technique is unusual and very productive. I get looks of uncertainty and comments of disbelief. As we troll, something spectacular occurs when something of this nature produces. Before you know it, the fish is in the boat then straight into the live well. What just happened? I never saw this before? How could this work? My answer is usually the same. This technique has worked in the past and it still works to this day. Fish on!

Capt Jody

No one expects to catch trout or salmon by trolling a lure directly under the boat, but it works, as these clients can attest. (Contributed photo by Jody Estain.)



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