These hills. These green and forested hills with blue Highway 13 knighted as Lake Superior Scenic Byway and little-cousin backroads winding their way along the lake, snaking up the peninsula. These hills are alive. They are alive with flora and fauna, with sailboats and kayaks bobbing, with hikers hiking and workers working, with poetry and passion, with people and insects buzzing and waters rushing. These hills are alive with art, too — nature’s own and man-made — paintings and pottery, cloud and sand pictures, written and spoken word. Displays of tiny genius, wild and civilized. Man’s a part of nature, after all; no matter how he sometimes tries not to be. Art takes so many forms and gives back to us in so many ways; a lifeblood of sorts, pulsing.

This night, this Tuesday evening, the hills are alive with the sound of music. Tonight the music is fiddle music, one of my favs. Often this happens in these parts in summertime. Music, music, music. Aside from our very own Chautauqua, we’ve got tiny outdoor concerts galore. Bayfield’s been doing Tuesday night Concerts in the Park for years and now little Washburn’s getting in the game. Good thinking, Washburn. It’s gettin’ real, as they say. Real fun, I say, real relaxing. We’re real lucky, too — real lucky. We locals or travelers can find some music going on somewhere outdoors in these hills most days of the week in summer. Big Top takes care of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in one fell swoop of a giant tent. Want something free? Try Bayfield on Tuesday, Washburn on Wednesday. You get Mondays off to play your own instrument in your backyard with the kids, so go for it. Free weekend tunes? Try the Tap House in Washburn on Saturday nights, no charge. The beer’s not free, but worth every penny; and the free blessing of live music trickling in your ears comes with. Howl Adventure Brewing near Bayfield and Washburn’s lovely Snug have got us covered in that area, as well. Homemade brews at the Tap House and Howl, homemade food at the Snug and homegrown music all around — it’s hospitality in the hills. And that’s just along a small stretch of road, 12 miles, about; and that’s not the only opportunity for music, just the regular ones to make a mental note of, look forward to.

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