A historic supper club beloved for at least 60 years as the fine-dining place to be in Ashland will soon enjoy a new lease on culinary life.

Anthony Jennings & Crew, an Ashland-based real estate agency, bought The Platter Restaurant Friday and intends to continue bar service while searching for someone to reopen and operate the restaurant.


Anthony Jennings & Crew Jessica Pergolski (from left front), Faith Mauritz, Michele Tegen; Kevin Porter (from left middle), Pam Green, Heidi Hicks, Eyan Hanson, Anthony Jennings and Rick Gruebele are moving the agency’s offices into The Platter Restaurant building at 315 Turner Road, Ashland. Jennings intends to run the bar until someone is found to reopen and operate the restaurant.


Bob Walworth sold The Platter Restaurant after closing it down 2½ years ago to Anthony Jennings & Crew. Jennings hopes to find someone to reopen and operate the restaurant. In the meantime, the bar will remain open.

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