Summer begins. Like planting your feet on the floor that first day. First day after school’s out, after graduation, after a new job, a new house, a new town. The Beginning. Full of possibilities. It’s all in front of you. Time flies when you’re having fun; and so it does through summer, month after month of sunshine, rain, bare feet and waves. Beach days and starry nights. Campfires and midnight walks.

The thing is, summer doesn’t end like it begins. Summer eases out of our lives gently, almost unnoticed. Gives us a chance to get acquainted with the fact that it’s going away for a while. It’s a melancholy feeling, good and bad. It’s beautiful and sweet and aching all at once. Endings are like that; way different from beginnings. My young son laments the taking down of his tent for tomorrow is a school day. He does so with determination for what’s coming and woe for the summer gone. Watch a 10-year-old embrace summer. Long, unending days of anything-can-happen, of all-the-time-in-the-world. Three months of happily ever after, day after day after day. Grass and moss beneath his feet, wild woods to explore, frogs and birds and animals, cloud pictures and tree swings and ice cream.

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