This is early June and we are back in the thick of things. By “thick” I mean the heat of things, the warm, uncomfortable days of sunshine and temperatures in the high 80s and even the 90s. Here in Bayfield and Red Cliff, when coupled with what looks like a serious return of summer folks yearning for a dip into the big lake, we locals might be nearly overwhelmed. My dogs know of heat, quickly signaling their discomfort when heading out into the woods for an early-morning romp. Old dogs and extreme summer heat can be a bit much.

But we must welcome it all. For too long we had toughed it out in unusually cold days and nights, thinking of the upcoming end of another school year, and the question of whether or not downstate folks would soon return in significant numbers. Too many shops had closed, too many cafés and restaurants gone to carry-out only. But it is time now, time to welcome the returning throng, time to quicken our cadence, move a little more quickly. Yesterday I had to park a block away from the post office for the first time this season.

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