Wonder. It’s all around. Examples? My God, almost anything, man. The waves, the woods, the trees, the sky, the desert, the mountains, the sea. Peer through a telescope. Gaze through binoculars. Squint into a microscope. Stare at your child’s eyes, study their smile. Scoop your hand into a big bowl of M&Ms. Look deep into your own backyard. Watch the crowds vanish like magic after Apple Fest and hear the lovely silence descend. It’s all wonder.

Getting sick of my reminders of this? Well, tough. We’ve got enough reminders of awfulness to last the day, the week, a lifetime. So when you have some free time, and even when you don’t, look at the wonder instead. It’s there like the stars are there even when the bright blue of day blocks them from our sight. Sometimes you’ve just got to go a little farther up and out to see what’s there all along. Do you see what even you and your fellow man can create? Art, fire, music, silly jokes, apple cider doughnuts, waltzes, amazing dinners. Simple, right? Think how it all can make you feel. Buoyed, wowed, amazed, encouraged, a bit tipsy with life — that’s joyful enlightenment. “Light as a feather,” “Merry as a schoolboy,” “Giddy as a drunken man,” as old Scrooge would say once he saw the proverbial light, the beauty all around him. Once he rose above his anger and bitterness, his rigid thinking and stubbornness. All of which made him mean and grumpy and sad. Made him look down at the ground as he walked, made him cut others down to drown in misery with him. You see, wonder changed all that.

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