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Quick and easy, and with some added pop from whiskey. (Contributed photo by Kara Berlage)

Sweet potatoes have always been a staple on our farm for Thanksgiving dinner, prepared in a variety of ways. These sweet tubers are an excellent companion to the home-raised turkey on the table! While we tried growing sweet potatoes a few times, alas we’re not in the right climate (and the attempt to grow them in the aquaponics yielded massive greenery and hardly any potatoes bigger than a pinky finger.) So, instead, we’ve learned to coordinate with other small growers who do have the right climate for sweet potatoes.

You can put a bit of fuss into preparing sweet potatoes, or you can keep it simple. At a table already filled with dishes and platters, dealing with where to put the empty skins from sweet potatoes can create its own juggling game. This week’s recipe from Chef Kara leaves the skins in the kitchen and creates a delicious, enjoyable sweet potato dish that is easy to serve and sure to please any time of year!

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