Apathy. Complacency. Boredom. Impatience. Lethargy. Not characteristics any of us wants to wear, but for students in their final year of school it may at some point be inevitable. Ahhhh senioritis – I know I felt it. I couldn’t wait to graduate from high school and college, unaware that the trash of the younger man I was might one day become the treasure of the older man I am. Which brings me to Northland College senior Brad Whiles and today’s Q & A subject South Shore High School senior Abby Lahti.

Whiles, who hails from Wolverhampton, England – 3,743 miles away from Northland College — was counted upon to make a major contribution on the field this season for what went down as one of the Northland College Lumberjacks’ best-ever soccer teams. Instead, Whiles tore the ACL in his right knee in spring, then dealt with a torn meniscus in his left knee this fall. With incredible grit and undeniable desire, Whiles eventually made it onto the field for senior day, in the Lumberjacks’ last home game this year, starting and playing 50 minutes. To the wild cheers of a loud and proud Northland student section, Whiles moved up and down the field that day with trademark speed and skilled quick feet that made him a standout prior to his injuries. He finished his career three games later in a 6-0 UMAC playoff semifinal loss to Bethany Lutheran, but he is the clear victor in the battle he may have waged with apathy.

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