The author’s companion Michelle Chiaro with a bluegill on Porcupine Lake.

Back in 1992 I made the decision that if I was going to be the best outdoor adventures writer that I could be, I was going to have to add winter camping to my play list. I may have bit off a pretty good-sized chunk of reality when I chose to hike 132 miles on the North Country Trail in February for my first real experience in what has become one of my favorite parts of this way of life. Ashland and Bayfield counties are where I have done my hiking and this week I hiked into the Porcupine Wilderness Area near Drummond with Michelle Chiaro for a go-for-it, get-away-from-people kind of trip.

Tuesday, June 1


Getting to the fishing on Porcupine Lake requires a lot of effort — and fortifications against mosquitoes.

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