This week I spent a little time talking with a friend who was under for delta COVID. Full disclosure? Yes, he has been vaccinated. And yes, the conversation was over the phone. Anyway, he was ill and in his work that means get tested and see ya later until the results come in. Profoundly bored after four days of waiting for results — it was Labor Day weekend, after all — he told me he had binge-watched every Harry Potter movie and gamed until it became a job. Which brings to, well, him.

For days one and two, my friend remained in his home. He binged, he gamed, he overate. So far, so good. But that’s when things got tricky. He got antsy and frustrated with nothing he wanted to do. His spirits began to drop. He felt trapped, understandably. His calls to me went from maybe one a day – we talk a lot – to a few times daily. No longer were we having conversations. Now? I was being held captive by him. He was now annoyingly didactic — all this in two short days — and I started dreading his calls. Some friend I am!

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