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This screen shot from a video taken by a witness shows the plane flying just above treetops prior to the crash. (NTSB photo)

A pilot who crashed his small plane in Marengo in October, killing himself and his sister, was performing stunts when he lost control of the aircraft, according to a preliminary investigation report.

Witnesses told National Traffic Safety Board investigators that Aaron Mika was flying just above the treetops and then tried to do a loop over his sister-in-law’s home when he failed to pull out of the loop and crashed into the ground, the report said. He phoned the sister-in-law minutes before the Oct. 23 crash and told her he would be flying over, the report said.

Aaron Mika


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A series of shots from the video shows the plan descending from its loop immediately before the crash. (NTSB photo)

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The plane's wing clipped a home before it slammed into the yard in Marengo. (NTSB photo)

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