Red Cliff Trailcams1

The trailcams that Red Cliff wildlife technician Ron Nordin has scattered across the Bayfield Peninsula identified a brand new pack of wolves living on reservation land, comprised of three adults and these pups. (Contributed photo)

Ron Nordin started hiding trail cameras on and off the Red Cliff Reservation five years ago just to see what all was out there.

Red Cliff Trailcams6

Nordin and others trapped and collared the yearling female that is part of the new Miskwaabikong Pack living near Red Cliff. (Contributed photo)

As the newly hired wildlife and forestry technician for the tribe, he wanted to identify which species were living in the area, which were thriving and which might be struggling.


Not all life captured by the cameras is wild. Here, Nordin himself is filmed while walking in to retrieve video cards. (Contributed photo)

Red Cliff Trailcams2

A surprising number of animals seem to mug for the hidden cameras when they discover them. (Contributed photo)

Red Cliff Trailcams5

Nordin often positions cameras on known game trails or near water and food sources that he knows animals are likely to visit. (Contributed photo)

Red Cliff Trailcams4

The cameras have captured scores of bucks that would make any hunter jealous — and revealed just how tough life can be in the wild. (Contributed photo)

Red Cliff Trailcams7

Nordin has captured several photos of bobcats, but still is waiting for rare and elusive cougars and lynx to be filmed.

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