For each of us there comes a time when our work is finished. It might come suddenly, actually unannounced in some cases, or it might be a gradual change, but when it comes we know it. Maybe it is true for all of us, but there probably are those who will never give up, who must keep on keeping-on right to the very end. In baseball parlance those are “the grinders,” the players whose very self-image is someone who lives and breathes the game. But there likely are other labels for other occupations – let’s say, for instance, that of being a house-painter.

This person, the painter of houses, might one day find himself climbing up a ladder and suddenly, when nearing the top, feeling a new sense of danger, a recognition of fear – a genuine, deep fear – that he had never felt before. This strange uncertainty, this “voice” tells him it soon will be over. He had done the work for years and years – had been very successful – but now he would need to put his ladders away and not climb them again. It was time for him to move-on.

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