A proposal to build a new $4.4 million police station for Ashland was bounced back to city council members this week after a committee again reviewed financing choices for the new station.

City Administrator Brandt Kucera again recommended that the city create a redevelopment authority as the most effective way to build the station while retaining capacity to take on debt for other projects. A redevelopment authority would borrow money to build the facility and then lease it back to the city.

Kucera proposed using a 20-year federal loan that he said would not count against state-imposed debt restrictions on the city’s general fund and would satisfy several council members who want a shorter-term loan than the 40 year period that has been discussed, albeit at a higher interest rate.

In the end the committee agreed to move consideration of a rural development authority to the full council without tying it to the financing of a police station on a 7-4 vote.

A two-thirds super majority of council members would be required to create a rural development authority.

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