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Braised greens can be used on almost anything, even pizza, to add nutrition and flavor. (Contributed photo by Kara Berlage.)

Whether you like a sauté, a stir fry or wilted greens, braising mix is an excellent way to enjoy leafy members of the broccoli and beet family. What makes good braising greens? Kale, Swiss chard, bok choy, mustard greens, and so much more combined together for a great variety of flavor and nutritional power punch. You can even tear them up and mix them with lettuce for a salad.

You can also enjoy braising greens on pizza! This week in our CSA shares, we’ve included both braising greens and a pair of ancient grains par-cooked pizza crusts Chef Kara made in our wood-fired oven. You can source these on our e-store at https://www.northstarhomestead.com/NSHF/product/par-cooked-pizza-crusts/ or make your own favorite pizza crust to enjoy this week’s delicious recipe.

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