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Evan and Gabi provide a water taxi for Tischer in their solo canoes.

A few times now I’ve had a pleasant roadside encounter with a gentlemen of kindred spirit.  He’s usually passing through the neighborhood while I’m out strolling with Tischer and before we know it, a half an hour passes of me leaning on his side mirror while the dog lies in the gravel patiently waiting for our country catch-up to finish so that we can resume our walk. 

During our most recent run-in about a month ago we chatted about rivers and fly-fishing.  He put me on to a section of stream not far from our house that was well worth each paddle stroke and an easy shuttle.  Apparently the fishing is pretty stellar as well.  He showed the access points on a road atlas and after he had restarted his truck and pulled away, I mentally added it to my bucket list of places to paddle before we leave town in August.

Lucas Will


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