This week we found ourselves sliding into fall. It was Wednesday – keskiviikko, as the Finns say – when it really began. The dogs and I were in the woods, moving along as usual, when they suddenly stopped and grew silent, causing me to do the same. I waited to see what was up, to hear an animal moving through the brush, to register what might have made them pause to stand and listen. But I heard nothing, saw nothing, and in only a few moments we resumed moving down that shaded trail.

I wonder: What do those four-leggeds know of our seasons? Although they use them a bit differently, dogs have the same five basic senses we do – sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. Do they ever discuss such quiet changes as occur in a northern-Wisconsin woods sliding from summer into fall? Surly these things catch their attention. How could they miss the coming of that huge change?

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