Down on the Farm

Lambs and ewes romping in the new snow. (Contributed photo by Kara Berlage)

A fresh skiff of snow covers the ground, and chilly flakes blow against my face. The day can’t decide if it’s sunny or snowy, vacillating between the two in waves as I make my way through morning chores. But I am thankful for my warm chore gear, as I’ve fully bundled up for the occasion.

Visiting each of the group of animals, they are eager to meet the day, as they are every morning. The turkeys are thankful to escape the confines of their smaller coop to run about in their yard, the ducks are always thankful for fresh water as they splash and preen, the sheep are always grateful for food as they baaah incessantly in anticipation, pacing back and forth by the red gate.

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