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Caitlin Newago harvests birch bark she will use to create her line of traditional-contemporary jewelry.


Ashland artist and Bad River tribal member Caitlin Newago has had to deal with disappointment and strife in her life — giving up on her college education after she became pregnant, ending an abusive and failed relationship and having to move back home to begin over.

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The showy earrings created by Caitlin Newago have found a ready market, both through her own website and Native American clothing seller Pow Wow Fabrics and Designs of Eau Claire.

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Caitlin Newago’s artworks include traditional Ojibwe themes and are created using acrylic paints.

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                                                                                                            Submitted Photo Newago’s jewelry has received high praise for its originality and craftsmanship.

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Newago’s first shipment of earrings sold out almost immediately.

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