9-10-2021 baby owl (c) James Netz-2-3.jpg

This baby great horned owl fledged while James Netz was photographing the family. It caused quite a stir! (Contributed photo by James Netz)

Opening emails is not usually exciting. But as each message loaded and revealed photos of baby animals — each one more adorable than the last — my heart soared. I could already tell that the Museum’s Northwoods Animal Babies Photo Contest had been a success.

I compiled the photos in a single folder and sent it off to James Netz, a professional photographer with a gallery in Hayward, who has been sponsoring photo contests at the museum off and on for many years. James also gets the unenviable job of picking just three winners from around a hundred wonderful entries.

9-10-21 Chase Bonnie fawn.jpeg

Bonnie Chase used her patience and observation skills to snap this adorable photo of a fawn. In return, the fawn ate her petunias. (Contributed photo by Bonnie Chase.)

9-10-21 Edeker_Monica_Fox_3.jpg

Monica Edeker didn’t let nice clothes keep her out of the cornfield where a family of red foxes had their den. Her spontaneity earned her this adorable photo. (Contributed ohoto by Monica Edeker.)

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