Northwoods Burgers & Fries couple

Michelle Avila, owner Northwoods Burgers & Fries, and her fiancee John Hutchison. They are standing at the long counter groups can gather around to dine and watch one of several TVs in the spacious new Hayward restaurant.

There should be a Sandra Alfaro School of Entrepreneurship for Women.

Alfaro has something to teach because all three of her daughters are business owners. A daughter in Las Vegas, Marisela Rodriguez, owns a car wash. Daughter Rachel Aranda owns the successful Main Street Tacos in downtown Hayward. And now daughter Michelle Avila has opened Northwoods Burgers & Fries off Highway 63 in Hayward.

Mushroom Swiss

The Mushroom Swiss is one of the most popular burgers at Northwoods Burgers & Fries.

Pretzel with cheese

Pretzel with Cheese is one of the tasty appetizers on the menu at Northwoods Burgers & Fries.

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