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Former Ashland Daily Press reporter Hope McLeod's new book is a collection of her favorite stories from her days as a full-time journalist. (Contributed photo) 

WASHBURN – One of the most difficult aspects of good newspaper journalism is its short lifespan. A newspaper story lives out its life in one short day on a printed page or fleeting electrons on a web page, often never to be seen again unless sought out with the help of an Internet search engine or microfiche machine.

Former Bayfield County Journal reporter Hope McLeod's best work is meeting a kinder fate, lovingly collected in a new book, “Have I Got a Story for You.” McLeod, who penned more than 700 stories during the five years she wrote for the County Journal and the Ashland Daily Press, has winnowed the book down to 35 of her best stories, all illustrated with original photographs.

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