The Xcel Energy power lines to be replaced run through the Bad River Indian Reservation. The new route would run parallel to Highway 13 from Ashland to Mellen and then along Highway 77 to Hurley and Iron River.

Mellen City Council member Nick Peters knows the importance of reliable electric service to this small Ashland County city.

Peters is the chief financial officer for North Country Lumber in Mellen, one of the community’s largest employers — and electrical consumers. He understands the need for Xcel Energy to maintain and upgrade its electrical transmission system, but at the same time he has concerns about proposals to greatly beef up the infrastructure that brings electricity to Mellen and beyond.


A photo shown at a public presentation organized by Xcel Energy shows Highway 13 with a new right-of-way and power lines crossing Highway 13. The illustration represents one of several possible power line configurations that will be considered by the Public Service Commission.

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