Greschner column

A blue jay cobs a kernel from columnist Dave Greschner’s feeder.

The intent was not to keep the blue jay and squirrel stocked with corn. It just happened because that’s what the scarecrow offered — one corncob in each hand, as long as I kept replacing them when the kernels disappeared. Back then I wasn’t happy with having to replace the corncobs every day. The blue jay and squirrel were not my best friends, but they apparently were pretty cozy with the tin man in bib overalls.

Times have changed. Fast forward 10 years, and now in my more tranquil autumn I have legalized corn for the birds and critters. I provide the cobs and watch the diners whirl and twirl on the lower branches of the maple tree. There are several blue jays and even more squirrels. The acrobatics, along with jostling for control of the cob, are constant. Birds and bushy tails wheel about and hang on for dear corn to pick kernels off the cobs, which are twisted onto screws poking through the bottom of a platform feeder.

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