Author and musher Julie Buckles, left, her husband Charly Ray, their children Caroline and Jackson and the family dog Elton stand in their new purchase, Honest Dog Books, Bayfield, formerly What Goes 'Round. Julie's parents, Laraine and Garry Buckles, are partners in this family bookstore.

BAYFIELD – Washburn author Julie Buckles recently took a poetry-inspired journey to Bayfield in search of a book. She ended up with a few thousand books instead after that trip led to the purchase of the iconic What Goes 'Round used book store, now rechristened Honest Dog Books.

Buckles had been painting her son's room, listening to a podcast featuring the work of poet laureate Tracy K. Smith, and was so moved she put down her brushes and headed to Bayfield in search a Smith collection. She didn't find the book of poetry she was looking for, but as she was leaving the store, store employee and local author Howard Paap mentioned that the store may be for sale.


Howard Paap has worked at What Goes Round for 15 years. He's currently working on a memoir about his years as a book seller. Paap will continue working at the store for new owners, Julie Buckles and Charly Ray.

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