Myla Halvorson holds high school senior portraits of her sons, Sjan Bystrom, 25, left, who serves with the Wisconsin National Guard’s 128th Infantry Battalion in Afghanistan and his brother Bram Bystrom, 19, a member of the Ashland unit of the National Guard’s 829th Engineer Company that is in Kuwait.

Terry Miller learned about the killing of Iranian Gen. Quasem Soleimani in a U.S. drone attack when he was on vacation in Florida.

Instead of being able to relax in the warm 75-degree sunshine, his thoughts immediately went to his daughter, Myriah Miller Conlin of Eau Claire, who is in Kuwait as part of the Spooner unit of the 829th Engineers in the Wisconsin National Guard.




Ashland Guards members load up on coffee and pastry while waiting to deploy at the Ashland Armory in October. Guard members from Ashland and Spooner are now in Kuwait in support of an Indiana National Guard unit as tensions in the Middle East increase.

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