Bay City Cycles

Ashland’s Bay City Cycles is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, the store has really bent over backwards to keep everyone rolling. (Contributed photo by Joel Austin.)

Francois Faber was born in France in 1887, came in second in the Tour de France in 1908 and won it in 1909 when he won five consecutive stages (still a record). The conditions were horrible with Faber seeming to bloom in the terrible conditions (rain, snow, thick mud, knee high water, deeply rutted dirt roads). I could go on and on about the epic-ness of the TdF in the early 1900s (one final fun fact: one stage Faber won started at 2 a.m., was 215 miles and took place on single-speed bikes — derailleurs hadn’t been invented — over mountains on rutted, muddy dirt roads).

Where I’m going with this: the owners of Bay City Cycles in Ashland have Faber for their last name. Karl has owned the shop since ‘88 and was joined by his daughter Alex in 2016.

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