"Oak trees don't set an intention to listen to each other better, or agree to hold tight to each other when the next storm comes. Under the earth, always, they reach for each other, they grow such that their roots are intertwined and create a system of strength that is as resilient on a sunny day as it is in a hurricane." — adrienne maree brown, “Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was fond of saying that humans are made for greatness. This belief, more than anger, more than fear, fueled his human rights work. Along with leaders including Martin Luther King, Jr., the Dahlia Lama and Gandhi, he did this work with a commitment to non-violence. Tutu died in December and as tributes and reflections have been shared, his life and legacy is a testament to the power of kindness, joy, and nonviolent action to create lasting change.

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