EDITOR: Folks in the 7th Congressional District may be interested to know that at the Wisconsin Conservation Congress 2021 virtual Spring Hearings, Wisconsin residents endorsed a resolution supporting the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. The resolution calls on the Wisconsin Conservation Congress to “encourage the U.S. Congress to enact carbon fee and dividend legislation with the intent of reducing CO2 emissions, benefitting conservation, and stimulating technological innovation and economic growth through revenue recycling.”

Of the 8,435 Wisconsin residents who voiced an opinion, 59% approved it and 41% opposed it. In the 7th Congressional District, the resolution passed in 16 of the 26 counties wholly or partially within the district, with 54% of the votes cast being in favor of the resolution. In Ashland County the vote was 52 in favor and 34 opposed, and in Bayfield County 134 in favor and 60 opposed.

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