EDITOR: I simply cannot resist to mention the inconsistency in Ashland’s double standard. It is legal to fly a communist flag, the hammer and sickle but not legal to make a temporary park on a smooth space to safely get groceries from a car. Just fie times I’ve been guilty and threatened with fines, while the communist flag proudly flies, fixed for at least a year or two. Now, I’m not fixed or fixated, but as my dad used to say — God preserve his soul — there is something rotten in Denmark, and it’s not cheese.

I would never complain, but since I am forced to park my car on a street lip, one night a drunken driver hit my garbage cans. Thanks God, if the garbage cans hadn’t been there, my car would have been ruined. Instead I had the opportunity to pick up garbage 200 feet down the block instead of being fined for littering.

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