EDITOR: The way I see it, some people are out to kill me. I am 75 years old. I’ve had two doses of Pfizer vaccine. If a booster shot becomes available I will gladly take that, too. Yet if COVID continues to evolve through the unvaccinated, it may become something that will override the vaccines I have and I will be dead. I am sure that the unvaccinated will give many reasons for not taking the shot. Perhaps they feel heroic or, like James Bond, never get touched by a bullet. Or they are paranoid about anything medical or scientific. Whatever the reason, the end result may be that by their inaction, they are killing a 75-year-old man or somebody like me.

I know I haven’t been perfect in life. Perhaps some will think that my biting the dusk would not be a bad thing. But I am a lover of life and would like to do a little more living if I can. So if you hear me yelling at you, “Get the damn shot,” it isn’t because I dislike you. It’s because I want people like me who find joy in life to have more.

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