As we all know, too much carbon (CO2) in the atmosphere has caused most of the climate change we are now facing. Science is telling us we are fast approaching the point of climate and ecological breakdown. We are witnessing the early results of where things are going.

It is seen in the flooding in the East and Aouth, fires out Wes, and drought elsewhere. Water is becoming so scarce in the four-corners area of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico that a number of hardest-hit areas are now considered arid, no longer capable of producing crops. The melting of the Antarctic ice alone could translate into an 8-inch sea level rise by 2100. (This does not include the ice melt occurring in Greenland and the Arctic). In addition, the warming planet is thawing the Arctic permafrost, releasing methane (which is many times more harmful than CO2). Currently, we see that there are fewer and fewer birds each year, linked partially due to the insect holocaust caused by insecticide use. We are firmly ensconced in the planet's sixth great extinction; ourselves included. Again, caused primarily by CO2.

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