Summer is here, and early summer is an exciting time for bird enthusiasts. Especially this far north, there’s a fairly narrow window of time where we can see and hear the widest variety of birds. Some of these seasonal visitors, such as rose-breasted grosbeaks, only sing for about six to seven weeks in our area. And some of them work within an even shorter time frame and get right down to business.

I was camping recently a couple of counties over in the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest and had a chance to hang out with one of the most efficient and frenetic birds of the Northland, the least flycatcher. (As an aside, our campsite also was visited frequently by a snowshoe hare in its brown summer coat. He wasn’t as acclimated to visitors as the resident chipmunk, but he was pretty happy to sit and munch foliage so long as we didn’t move toward him.)

Snowshoe hare

Sarah Morris

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