Wealthy Aunt Florence (Laura Comer) has a spirited discussion with her physician Doc Meyers (Mark Rossow) in the StageNorth Groundling's production of “Leading Ladies,” directed by Sue Mackenzie-Smith.

When two down-and-out Shakespearean actors hit upon a scheme to get rich quick, what could go wrong? Plenty, in Ken Ludwig's farce, “Leading Ladies,” the latest StageNorth Groundling's production, directed by Sue Mackenzie-Smith. There are mistaken identities, mis-delivered letters, and plenty of romance gone awry — along with a huge helping of double-entendres, sly Shakespearean references and just plain fun.

The play opens as two of Britain's “finest Shakespearean actors,” Leo Clark (Jamie Tucker) and Jack Gable (Jon Huybrecht) travel through Pennsylvania, offering up “Scenes from Shakespeare” on the Moose Lodge circuit. The Moose are not impressed, and the pair finds themselves on a train with only a dollar to their names.

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