Pehr Sterner, left, and her friend Moura Kochevar, both 5 and from Washburn, enjoy some fresh strawberries picked at Rocky Acres Berry Farm near Bayfield. A late frost in May wiped out as much as 90% of some berry crops in the Bay Area.

North Wind Organic Farm owner Tom Galazen might have been able to save most of his strawberries if only his irrigation tractor engine hadn’t run out of fuel.

On the second night of a pair of freak hard freezes at the end of May, Galazen — like all of Bayfield’s strawberry-growers — was in a desperate fight to save the tender white blossoms on his crop.

Tom Galazen


Fred Erickson

Fred Erickson


Greta Kochevar of Washburn and her son Lars enjoyed the strawberry picking at Rocky Acres. Rick Olivo/Staff Photo

Brenda Erickson

Brenda Erickson

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