Every Labor Day, I write a column to commend and show gratitude to the hard-working men and women of the 74th Assembly District. Last year, I opened my column with “This Labor Day, we are more than six months into a global pandemic that has changed all of our lives.” Now, a full year and nine months later and we are still grappling with the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. It is hard to find continuity in today’s day and age. So much of what we do now is based on the evolving circumstances of the virus.

Through the mess of this past year and the rocky recovery we embark on today, one through-line remains a constant in an ever-changing world: working men and women who push us forward. “Forward” is a word so deeply ingrained in the people of Wisconsin that we display it on our state’s flag. Since it was adopted in 1851, Wisconsin’s motto has been a reminder that forward progression and change would not wait for Wisconsin.

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