Did you know that only about a third of people polled say they talk about climate change? Researchers from the Yale Center for Climate Change Communication found 35% of people report talking about it “at least occasionally” and 64% said “rarely/never.” This is in spite of 72% of people reporting they think global warming is happening.

Why is that? There are many challenges to addressing climate change. It is a complicated and global problem and its effects may not be obvious where some people live. However, it is occurring in our area and every community on Lake Superior – the lake is one of the fastest-warming lakes in the world. In addition, the three severe storms since 2012 in Minnesota and northern Wisconsin were all enhanced by climate change; both 500- and 1,000-year events occurred. Remember the flooding, trees down, the roads and bridges washed out, and the seal from the Duluth Zoo out in the street?

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