Beer guy


Every now and then you drive by a location and wonder what’s inside. We’ve been driving through Superior for years and always noticed Gronk’s, a funky little bar with strange signs and a congested parking lot. A sign about an upside-down burger beckons, but we always passed. A few weeks ago on a Duluth trip, we stopped and uncovered the mystery of upside-down.       

We entered the bar and were greeted Wisconsin-style with a cheerful voice and more signs than wall space. There were signs about beer, cavemen, burgers, but there was one very interesting sign that required inquiry; why should a large sign inform patrons not to finger their beers? We noticed a stainless steel tube located where you normally have taps. It was too small for tap lines and it only held tap handles. So how can we get a beer so we can try to finger it? 

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