Civic Center

Coke Lindsey, president of the Historic Civic Center Foundation, holds a DuPont Club chair that has been returned to the Club Nov. 20 in Washburn. The Foundation is renovating the community and recreation center to reopen it to the public, and community members have responded by donating furniture and DuPont Club memorabilia, such as the pins once used in the basement’s bowling alley.

Many fond memories of Coke Lindsey’s youth revolve around the DuPont Club, where her father, a 44-year “DuPont guy,” his Barksdale Works co-workers and community members congregated to relax and recreate.

The DuPont YMCA Club, also known as the Civic Center but usually just shortened to the Club, had just about everything for everyone, including a gymnasium for sports, balls and dances, wrestling, billiards and meeting rooms and a four-lane bowling alley.

Civic Center21

A picture of the original YMCA DuPont Club in Washburn circa 1920s.

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