Shawna Yates and Jordan Chowning were best friends since they grew up together in Florida. Yates learned of Chowning’s death in an Ashland house fire through a mutual friend. (Contributed photo)

Shawna Yates was supposed to reconnect with her childhood friend – her best friend – just a few weeks ago.

She and Jordan Chowning grew up together in Jacksonville, Florida where they intended to meet up in late May when Jordan made a visit back home. But one thing led to another, plans got changed and they never managed to get together.


dan Chowning, second from left, Shawna Yates, second from right, and Crystal Marsh, far right, with friends during happier times. (Contributed photo)


The gofundme site started to raise money for funeral expenses includes this image of the Chowning family members lost in the July 5 fire.

House fire

Firefighters arrived at the home on Sixth Street West minutes after the fire was reported.

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