This week I received a cool and inspiring photo from an athlete who “just wanted to send it along” because she thought it was a “really great” example of sportsmanship. It was. The picture was of a woman who had just won a race, helping up a fallen runner who finished well behind her. I couldn’t use the photo, but it got me to thinking: what if sportsmanship existed beyond the realm of sports? What if it were applied to other walks of life? What would that look like? Which brings me to JJ.

JJ is a rough-around-the-edges, sometimes inappropriate guy with great skills in his profession. It may be a stretch to say that if this were a galaxy far, far away, JJ would be a jedi. But let’s go there anyway. Why not? Maybe he’s not saving the Milky Way from an evil empire. But he’s pulling his weight and then some, by virtue of the incredible work he does, to make people’s lives better.

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