For the past week or two some of us have been crunching apples, enjoying their sweet-tart flavors while witnessing the coming of another fall. 2021. Yes, it really is 2021! How quickly a person’s life moves by, and how quickly those apples ripen. It seems like only yesterday that we were gorging ourselves on the first tomatoes of the new season, and in short order queuing-up over in Ashland for another sack of that wonderful sweet corn. Now even the squashes and pumpkins are showing up, causing mouth-watering images of fall-time, home-cooked meals.

Well, it is apple time again, and unlike last year, this time there will be an Apple Festival. We missed it last year. We appreciate why it was cancelled – are grateful our community leaders were cautionary about the virus and all it involves. But this year the festival is on, and the apples are coming in.

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