Green Bay ducks.jpg

The author hit Green Bay just as diving ducks were moving through. (Contributed photo)

Green Bay! Attempting to whack ducks. I love this place, since March I have fished it and caught my biggest walleye of 2021, fished it in my canoe twice and caught my second-biggest walleye of the year and limited out. The computer melted in my 90-horsepower Etec on June 7, I had to be towed in by the US Coast Guard and went without a boat until Aug. 17, and now I’m without money.

This week a trip I have been fantasizing about became reality: two days in a canoe chasing ducks near Suamico!

sunrise (3).jpg

Sunrise on the bay, waiting for birds to move through. (Contributed photo)

Ruby's retrieve.jpg

Ruby retrieves a downed duck amid the decoy spread. (Contributed photo)

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