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Property developer D’Anna Zakovec stands between grandsons Zach Zakovec, Jr. (left) and Noah Zakovec in front of the two buildings she now owns, the old Royal Theater and the W.D. Kuhn/Pabst Block in the 500 block of Main Street in Ashland. Zakovec plans to renovate the storefronts and offer them for lease while remodeling second floor office space into dormitory-style apartments.

At age 77, D’Anna Zakovec might seem to be an unlikely person to be an ambitious business developer.

Yet at a time in life when most people are taking life easy in retirement, Zakovec remains a dynamo of plans and dreams for her latest project; the rehabilitation of a large swath of downtown Ashland storefront real estate.

Main Street2

Zakovec shows a pair of former offices she plans to convert into dormitory-style apartments.

Main Street3

Zakovec and her grandsons talk about possibilities for a large gymnasium-like space on the third floor of the Kuhn/Pabst Block.

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