Enbridge  Line 5 reroute

A graphic from Enbridge energy shows the general corridor of a Line 5 reroute around the Bad River Indian Reservation. The route would go through the towns of Gingles, White River, Marengo and Morse. Some residents in those towns have been contacted by representatives of Enbridge with offers to purchase their land or obtain options to buy on them.

The Ashland County board will vote Thursday whether to allow Mellen to sell a 5.58-acre parcel of land to Enbridge Energy for use in rerouting the controversial Pipeline 5 around the Bad River Indian Reservation.

It is a high-stakes vote that could determine whether or not Mellen will gain a $1 million windfall from sale of the property, a bonanza that could grow to $4.25 million if the pipeline company actually uses the land to reroute Line 5.

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