Sometimes it’s hard to determine who’s warming whom while tent camping in the autumn. (Contributed photo by Lucas Will.)


I’m finding it difficult to escape my comforter these mornings, now. Waking up before the sun breaks the ridge to the east, daylight arrives chilly and covered in dew. It’s a quick, breath-stealing move from our loft to a pair of fleece pants and a pullover before I can light the range and step outside with Tischer to water the gravel. It’s fall and I love it.  

A weekend back, Natalie and I drove up the road for an overnight adventure to a new lake and campground with hopes that early autumn had found the premises as well. Leaving after a last-minute decision, we didn’t arrive until lunch time and by then it was a comfortable summer temperature on the water, even with a steady east wind running down the river canyon. This made for enjoyable paddling and shoreline jaunting as the warm wind dried our swimwear and hair, perhaps a final time for the season.

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