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Shane Peltonen trudges down a lonely stretch of highway somewhere in the Great Basin on his Trans-America hike. Peltonen has covered about 21,000 miles in his bike-and-walking treks, nearly equalling the circumference of the world.


Shane Peltonen has seen more of this country up close and personal over the past 12 years than most people will see in a lifetime.

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An informal sign marks yet another state milestone in the 5,000-mile hike.

Long hike 3

At Henlopen State Park in Delaware March 1 at the start of an eight-month journey.

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Shane Peltonen is joined by his mother Carolyn Peltonen and his father Bill Peltonen at their home in Barksdale shortly after he completed his trek. His parents served as a support team to provide water in the desert Great Basin area of Colorado, Utah and Nevada.

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