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Joe Rose was a frequent participant in many local environment meetings and causes, including the unveiling of the Gikinoo’wizhiwe Onji Waaban — Guiding for Tomorrow exhibit at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center.

Joe Rose — Moka’ang Giizis or Rising Sun in the Ojibwe language — was a soft-spoken, gentle man who loved nothing more than sharing with others his love for the land, air and waters of his northern Wisconsin home.

But Rose, a Bad River tribal elder, also had a tenacious side. He was a part of virtually every significant environmental and treaty-rights struggle faced by the North Country for the past half century.

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Joe Rose was among mining opponents who went to the state capitol in Madison in 2012 to oppose a bill that loosened environmental regulations on many aspects of mining, including allowing depositing mining spoils in wetlands.

Joe Rose

Joe Rose

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